Thursday, December 1, 2011

Even When You Lose, You are Winning

For everyone who spends their precious energy spreading the word about Genital Integrity and the harms of genital mutilation, Attachment Parenting and the harms of spanking or crying it out, or the superiority of mother's milk. Don't get frustrated! Don't give up! Remember: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WIN! The task is NOT to change the mind of the person who happens to choose to argue with you. Those who disagree and spend their time opposing your message may likely never change their mind. They were already the ones most likely to respond negatively to you. You are presenting a perspective for the thousands of others who may never type a single letter about the subject. Use the arguments of your opponent as an opportunity to address the various issues in the minds of those READING. If they never "get it" and go through every argument in the book, GREAT! All that means is that you've managed to get every point out, and they helped you do it. Allow this to help you detach from the frustration of hearing the other side, or thinking you've "lost" because that one didn't change their mind. You're battling an IDEA over and over and it is being witnessed.

Right now, some babies and children will lose, and it may be your unfortunate perspective as a freedom fighter to know about it, but it does not mean you are losing. As long as we are out there, we are being productive and we are going to win, because humanity WANTS to change, even when it doesn't seem like it. We WANT to be kind, loving and respectful to our children and we all want a society that respects human rights equally. We just need the support, and freedom to do it. This is a long term goal, so don't worry about the ups and downs. Cruelness and lack of compassion are just symptoms of cruelness and lack of compassion, NOT innate traits. Let this help you put up your case with a calm and righteous heart, with confidence and compassion, and without insults or belligerence, even when that is what is handed to you.

And THANK YOU for all that you do!

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