Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Thanks

I spent $66.87 on a 12 pound turkey.

My turkey was expensive because it was raised free range with no antibiotics or hormones. It's better for me, better for the earth, and the real reason: better for the bird. I love turkey, and I love turkeys (the live animals).

I don't even like Thanksgiving, and I don't like the way turkeys are raised, so I don't usually "do" turkey dinner, BUT I love to eat turkey, and there it was, not even frozen! I have never even SEEN a free range turkey in a grocery store before.

I think of it like a tennis shoe. I wouldn't buy it if I KNEW someone was being abused during its making. With meat, unless it says "free range" then... =( It doesn't feel like I'm thankful for being able to eat if I'm putting my money vote toward unhappy lives in a cage.

Sorry this isn't a very fun share. I'm not judging, just encouraging. I can't afford it, so I know other people can't afford it, but if we all gave it a shot one year, the price would come down, and we could save the turkeys. (cue sappy music)

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